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Affordable Fitness Watches Online with YOLO

Being the No.1 Smart Watch Brand in Pakistan, we feel we have a responsibility to cater to all of our customers and our fitness smart watches are no different. We understand how important your fitness goals are to you and we want to help you reach those goals in a budget friendly manner with some of the best priced Fitness Watches in Pakistan. Our Smartwatches range from Rs. 7000 to 13000 keeping in mind the inflation and the constant changes, we want to provide quality and longevity with our fitness watches.

Fitness Watch Features

We provide the following features for our customers:

  • Heart Sensor
  • BP Sensor
  • Fitness Tracking
  • Steps Tracking

You can also download applications off the Google Store for those personalized workout plans and nail your goals with time to spare. 

Compatible with All Phones

We know how important It is for you to enjoy your music along with tracking your steps on a treadmill, so we've made sure our watches are readily supportive for all Android and Apple devices in Pakistan.