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Bluetooth Ready Smartwatches in Pakistan

We at Yolo Smartwatches take pride on being the No.1 Smart Watch Brand in Pakistan & providing our customers with quality, style and substance with our best priced Bluetooth Watches in Pakistan. With pricing being the main concern nowadays with ever growing inflation in Pakistan, we wanted to provide a bluetooth smart watch option that is both easy on the eyes and the wallet.

Best Pricing for Bluetooth Watch in Pakistan

Our Pricing is one of our most attractive features for the smartwatches, with them ranging from Rs. 7000 to Rs. 12,000 just to name a few, available for both men and women along with kids (boys & girls). 

Compatible With all Devices

Our Bluetooth Watches are compatible with all kinds of devices and smartphones so you don't need to worry about that aspect at all. Our bluetooth watches are android and iPhone friendly with beautiful interfaces and applications available for you to interact with. 

So you can listen to music, connect and set the dialer, manage your health status and much more at ease from the comfort of your device. We also made sure they connect with bluetooth speakers as well.